Open Collective
Open Collective
LSS-Manager goes OpenCollective!
Published on November 20, 2022 by Jan

Happy Birthday!

LSSM V.4 is celebrating it's 2nd birthday and we're taking the chance to announce our new OpenCollective Page!

Money makes the world go round

and so we also have running costs to run LSSM. This is not much at the moment, but we would like to give all users the opportunity to support us financially. For this purpose, we use OpenCollective, which allows us to make all donations and the use of them completely transparent.
Important: Donating has no direct influence on the development of LSSM! We will not invest more or less time, nor will there be any direct benefits such as premium features for individual users. The development of LSSM will remain on a voluntary basis in our spare time and the use will remain completely free for all users!
Of course, we are happy about any donation, but we would still like to point out that we will keep the project running as before even without the donations.

Should the amount of donations cause a surplus we will think about further investments. This could be e.g. investments in an improved reliability but also the purchase of licences that allow us development of further or more extensive features. But these are just ideas, and we don't want to take money out of your pockets!

OpenCollective allows you to donate in different ways: One-time, monthly and yearly. The amount can be chosen freely (we have nevertheless created three exemplary one-time donations so that you could save a few clicks if necessary). It is important to know that not the full amount is available for us, because different fees apply depending on the payment method. In addition, 6% processing fees go to our fiscal host "OpenCollective Europe" (, which manages the money for us so that we don't have to worry about things like accounting and taxes.
  By the way: With every donation you can optionally donate a slightly higher amount, which will then go to OpenCollective itself.

Thank you all

for your continous support over all the years and different versions of LSS-Manager
Yours LSSM-Team
Jan, Sanni, Ron31 and Crazycake ♥️