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Luisa Bracamonte


Providing a wide solution to economic mobility



With the social innovative experience at Nxt Wave Founders, Luisa Bracamonte sharpened an empirical background on BIPOC populations. Learning English as a second language; working full-time and attending graduate school, she acquired independent knowledge, experimental design, and interpretation of data science coupled with management, operations and communication skills nourished by key leadership positions in Chase Manhattan Bank; State Farm Insurance and Crown International. Luisa also authored The Project P.E.P.P. for PODS, a $12 Million disaster preparedness plan that positioned the company for a $2 Billion acquisition.  She mentors graduates at University of Tampa and entrepreneurs at Harvard University. As an immigrant, she is first-generation in her family to graduate from college, holds a MBA degree from FMU, and is thrilled to keep pushing forward her transition as a social innovator and woman-business owner.