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We are an independent group of maintainers for the fork of language learning project Learning With Texts, or simply LWT-fork.


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LWT 2.9.0 is released!

Hello everyone! We are proud to announce the release of LWT 2.9.0! It brings massive improvements to the API (the way the server and the web browser communicate) as well as nu...
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Published on December 24, 2023 by Hugo Farajallah


In 2021 Hugo decided to  continue the development of LWT, a reference open-source software in language learning, originally developed by lang-learn-guy. The package became highly popular with more than a hundred stars in GitHub and lead the way to many derived projects as the excellent LUTE by jzohrab.

LWT-fork, as the "community driven" version of LWT, stays the most popular solution for most users. As the community grows, we progressively structure it and this open-collective allows us to keep everything free, without ads, and without being a financial burden for our developers.

You can talk with us any time on Discord or GitHub, and happy language learning!

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