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When I was a medical student a couple of years ago, I discovered that the flow of examinations and treatments could be presented as algorithms written in flowcharts. Just like sketches of programming code. I started looking for a programming language for medical algorithms, but couldn't find any. Therefore, I began to develop such a language as a hobby project that I call LYMPHA.  It is a simple language and the basic structure look like this:

xray. -> fracture? ;

I began coding an open source interpreter in Python for CLI (command line interface) that reads LYMPHA-scripts with the structure above.  It has the following features:

  • Depending on the results of patient data the LYMPHA script, the CLI command is called. This feature can be used for automation.
You can read more is about CLI interpreter in the documentation: 

Beside the LYMPHA project for CLI, I also develop an online version for producing flowchart: Another project based on LYMPHA that I develop is an Android (programmed in Python/Kivy) app. This app is in its bud. The goal is an app that explains what procedure would be appropriate to do in what situation according to a scripts written in LYMPHA:

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