Resourceful Web Developer

An expert Back-End developer and early adopter of the Laravel PHP framework. Listed among the top 10 Laravel developers to follow online by the Laravel daily blog.

Has over 7 years of practical experience in the software development field, building projects for the web, desktop, mobile and IoT platforms, using different programming languages like JAVA, C#, JavaScript, C++, Python, DOS, Shell, Ruby, HTML & CSS. As well as integrating with hundreds of software’s, packages and API’s.

His passion for computers and programming led him to study Computing at the Open University, and obtain a bachelor of science degree within 4 years.

He is an active member in the PHP and Docker open source communities. He contributed to tens of projects. One of his popular projects is Laradock (a virtual environment for running PHP apps on Docker), that was the highest trending repository for over 7 months on Github.

His current programming stack consists of PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Laravel, Symfony, SlimPHP, Lumen, PHPUnit, Codeception, Redis, Docker, Git, Beanstalkd, NGINX, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Neo4j, Travis-CI, PHPStorm and tens of other tools.

His immense passion for architectural and design patterns further inspired him to create Porto (a modern software architectural pattern that helps writing maintainable and reusable code).

Lately, he is fully focused on developing Apiato (a flawless framework for building scalable and testable API-Centric Applications in PHP).

He loves sharing his knowledge by writing blog posts, recording screencasts tutorials, giving talks at global conferences and meet-ups, mentoring and supporting developers from all over the world, to empower the programming communities.

Besides, he is very enthusiastic about entrepreneurship, psychology and quantum physics. He enjoys helping people as much as he enjoys coding, which for him it's not a job, it’s more of a lifestyle.