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What is Manifest Climate?

Manifest Climate is a “fast grants” program for synbio translation to solve the climate crisis.

What's the problem?

In 2020, the U.S. government spent >$44 billion to finance climate tech research and development, but only a fraction of research projects have a real-world impact. 

Why? Scientists often need additional funds to demonstrate their tech’s commercial potential but most science funders prioritize new knowledge, and principal investigators avoid funding less-publishable work. That’s why many promising climate solutions never leave labs.

Manifest Grants offers $25K-$100K to scientists to turn their brilliant ideas into prototypes. The application process is a breeze (2 pages), and we make funding decisions in a snap (3 weeks). The grants have no strings attached (no IP claims) and we have renowned synbio experts, incl. Professors Pamela Silver (Harvard) and Jay Keasling (UC Berkeley, Joint BioEnergy Institute), as our scientific reviewers confirmed already.

We've successfully executed this model before with Repro Grants (Forbes article), which received 465 applications and funded 12 incredible projects.

Why synbio for climate?
  • Biology holds a huge promise to solve climate. Biology cycles 450 gigatons of carbon dioxide a year and humanity emits 37 gigatons of carbon dioxide a year. Storage is an issue. 

  • Synbio is accelerating. Gene editing tools, DNA synthesis, high-throughput sequencing, and automated lab equipment are moving the field forward at a rapid pace.

  • Synbio research has focused on healing human health. We've developed synthetic insulin to treat diabetes, engineered immune cells to fight cancer, and designed RNA vaccines to protect against Covid-19. Now we need to heal the planet. 

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