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What causes endometriosis?  We don’t know.

Why do humans go through menopause?  We don’t know. 

What is the long-term impact of hormonal contraceptives?
  We don’t know.

‘We don’t know’ isn’t good enough.

What is Repro Grants? 

Repro Grants is a “fast grants” program, inspired by our friends at Impetus and Fast Grants, that awards $25K-$100K to ambitious research projects aiming to deepen our understanding of the female reproductive biology. We are motivated to learn how our bodies work, so we can develop better diagnostics and interventions to improve women's health outcomes and longevity. 

Are you a scientist at an academic institution with a research idea that has the potential to deepen our knowledge of the female reproductive system? Apply for a Repro Grant! The application form takes ~30 minutes to complete. You will get a decision within 21 days of applying. If you get approved, you’ll receive the wire as quickly as your institution can receive it. 

Round 1 is currently closed but we are getting ready for Round 2 in 2023.

Why do we need Repro Grants? 

Relatively small sums of capital are directed towards supporting fundamental research for women’s reproductive health. About 11% of all NIH funding goes to women’s health (2019 data). This capital allocation does not take into consideration or intend to correct the hundreds of years lag in women’s health research. 

Beyond the capital dilemma, the mechanisms for accessing funding are too slow. It is estimated that leading researchers spend up to 50% of their time writing grant applications. We want to offer an alternative; a fast and efficient process for getting access to crucial funding, so scientists can focus on what matters the most — doing the science. We are starting with a quick experiment; deploying $1M in Fast Grant Round 1. We will take the learnings and hope to increase the scale and velocity of the funding in future rounds.

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