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March Week of Action has been archived.

March Week of Action has been archived and is no longer active.

March Week of Action


Funding ACPC to provide extensive coverage of the Defend the Forest Week of Action in March


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The Defend the Forest Week of Action March 4-11 promises to be the most expansive week of action to date. From concerts, raves and food festivals to protests, teach ins, and public comment sessions, ACPC wants to provide the coverage the community and movement deserves. 

Coverage of a nonstop week of action requires a larger number of person hours than we are able to provide while still working our regular jobs for survival. If funded, we will have two full time and two part time collective members capturing as much of the spirit and action of the week as possible. 

We also believe that the public is well served by having the most accessible forms of information possible, should we reach our funding goal we will have daily 60 second video recaps of all the highlights available on our social media platforms.

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