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Currently one of BUD's Project Managers, Marilena also works as a production/event manager and facilitator. Her past experience includes being a Youth in Action seminars organiser, a Global Action Plan ambassador and a Lead Positive Change trainer. 

Marilena has dedicated the last 12 years of her life to creating, running and nurturing events. If it includes people, timings, energy and interaction, Marilena feels at home and wants to make it feel like home for everyone participating. Seen as the caring and focused coordinator, Marilena is here to make sure it all runs without a glitch while creating an energetic space that brings out smiles. She is determined to support BUD in any way she can because she feels that “BUD runs events that bring out the best in all participants! If they are having fun, I am having fun. Because, let’s be honest, fun is as vital to our soul as food is to our body. And here at BUD, I feel full".