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Marina Lopez is a Mexican American performing and aspiring social practice artist, massage therapist/somatic educator, and cultural organizer. Her experience as a bodyworker is essential to her practice as an artist because we can’t separate the art from the body that makes it. Care work is culture work. As an artist, her work is an interdisciplinary weaving of many voices that links to history, social movements, and tradition. As a cultural organizer, Marina has worked closely with Cooperation Humboldt and is a member of their Board of Directors. She is a Co-coordinator and Creative Collaborator for Art.Coop’s Study-into-Action. She also co-anchors the Arts, Culture, Care and Solidarity Economy working group held by the New Economy Coalition, the U.S. Solidarity Network, Highlander Center, and Cooperation Humboldt. 

Marina seeks to create work that articulates and provides an embodied cognition of the ways in which art, culture, and care are foundational within a thriving society, and economy. To bring these undervalued, but essential elements into relationship within a public-sphere that creates access to embodiment as an experience, but also as discourse. Her work challenges the status quo of who we as a society uplift as expert voices, and inspires curiosity, collaboration, and solidarity.