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Mark Simmonds


UK based co-op activist and advisor

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Transparent and open finances.

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UK based co-operative and community entrepreneur, delivering advice and support around all aspects of co-operative and other social enterprise development, management and governance.

Mark is a founder member of the Fox and Goose Co-operative Pub, Pennine Community Power, Platform 6 Development Co-operative and currently occupies the co-operative development seat on the board of Co-operatives UK.

Mark is also currently a member of the UK Co-operative Governance Expert Reference Panel.

Mark has particular expertise in the following areas:

Designing legal and organisational structures
Participatory planning with large groups
Business planning
Governance health checks – bespoke governance audit of your organisation.
Community finance and sustainable non-grant dependent finance in general
Delivering training within organisations or workshops within conferences
Speaking at events about co-operation and sustainable economies and systems.
Creation of resources including guides and web content.