Freezing Donations; Continuing The Project
Published on March 29, 2021 by James Vorderbruggen

Hello all,

Over the last year, we have been mainly focused on building a pilot network in The Port, Cambridge. Due to a combination of limited organizing capacity, lack of interest on the ground, and technical hurdles, that project never really came to fruition. So, we've decided to abandon the Port pilot at this time. Thank you to everyone who helped get it as far as we did.

We've raised a lot of money together for this project. It's truly been a blessing having all of your support as we tried to build a pilot network over the last year. And, while it's hard to have too much of a good thing, we on the core team think we may have a bit too much money sitting in our coffers right now. Since there is no pilot on the horizon, we think the responsible thing to do is to stop accepting donations.

What that means in more detail is that we will be transferring all assets out of this "collective" and into the "host" organization. This collective will then appear as "archived" on Open Collective. The funds will remain with the host organization for now. They will be used to pay for things like the production gateway, and meetup space when we go back to in-person meetups. If we find that we don't need the funds anymore, we will find an appropriate project to donate them to.

This does NOT mean that Mass Mesh is a dead project. I want to stress that. We will still have our weekly online meetups (Tuesdays, 7PM), and are still hoping to meet in person soon. We just don't think it's responsible to keep accepting donations without a clear plan for utilizing them. Thank you so much for your financial support, and I hope to see you at a meetup some time soon.

- James V