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General Assembly - Organization - Bronze

Become an organizational member of the General Assembly and support Mautic! A Unique Opportunity to Influence and Innovate.

A Unique Opportunity to Influence and Innovate

Enhance your company's engagement in the open source community by joining the General Assembly of Mautic. Let your business be a beacon of influence and innovation.

As a member, you can lend your corporate vision to help shape our governance and future. Vote in the Community Council elections, make substantive contributions to strategic decisions and help us evolve in the right direction.

Take advantage of this platform to form meaningful connections within our community, lend your expertise, and associate your brand with a driving force in the open source world. 

Actively contributing to the General Assembly is more than altruism: it’s smart business, fostering goodwill, visibility and strong relationships within a passionate community.

Take the lead in open source. Join us today.

Bronze tier benefits

At the Bronze Tier, the following benefits are provided from the Community Tier:
  • Logo on members page
  • No-follow link on members page
  • Member badge with tier
  • Social media thank you shout-out
  • Organization logo on project sponsors slide
  • 1 vote in any election and voting process
Also the following benefits which are specific to the Bronze tier:
  • Exclusive forum badge for all staff
  • 1 forum ad campaign per year
  • 2 complimentary tickets to Mautic Conference Global
  • Organization logo on physical printed project sponsor banners at in-person events 


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$5,000 USD / yr. raised