Introducing projects to manage budgets for initiatives and teams
Published on May 24, 2021 by Ruth Cheesley

Today we have taken advantage of a new feature in Open Collective called Projects.

This allows us to set up a self-contained project with its own budget for our Strategic Initiatives and Community Initiatives that may require funding.

We have created a project for each initiative:
You will be able to see the transactions that are being processed against each project, and also to chip in with a donation if you would like to support a specific initiative or project.

Currently we have transferred the funds that were already allocated from the Mautic Community Budget into the projects, which you will see as a transfer from the Mautic Collective to the project.

We also have some budget items that are team-specific, such as promoting Mautic, managing our infrastructure and supporting meetup groups. For these, we have created a project for the team who are responsible for that budget:
If you have any questions on the above, please do drop into #t-legal-finance on Slack ( for an invite).