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Sponsors Update - February 2023
Published on March 8, 2023 by Ruth Cheesley

Hello amazing Mautic supporters!

Here in the UK spring is just around the corner, and in Mautic too we have had an energetic and productive month!

I attended two fantastic open source events at the beginning of the month - FOSDEM in Brussels, and State of Open Con in London.  Both were great opportunities to talk to others in open source about Mautic, with many people having never heard of it, and some existing community members or past users of Mautic also stopping by to chat.

There’s definitely a real interest growing in Mautic and what we bring to the digital experience, and I truly believe that we need a continued focus on raising awareness of Mautic both within the open source world and further afield.

Next year we are going to be proposing a dev room at FOSDEM for open source digital experiences, and we plan to collaborate with several other open source communities to showcase how powerful and integrated open source can be in this sector. If you (or any community that you are involved with) would like to be involved, please join #wg-fosdem on Slack and let us know!

We also published a post which features a new plugin in the Mautic ecosystem, allowing you to integrate Trello with Mautic. It’s created by one of our Community Partners, Aivie - have a read of the blog post here. It’s great to see the ecosystem around Mautic growing from strength to strength, with innovative new ideas coming to the surface.

You will no doubt be wondering what the status is of Mautic 5 - we are behind with our release schedule, and we have shared some updates in the blog post here. The good news is that we are at 98% complete on the mandatory PHP to Twig upgrade work which we have been working on with a contractor and community volunteers, and with the gradual rise in people helping us to test on Fridays, we are able to move much faster.

As soon as this work is wrapped up we will review the outstanding tasks that need to be included in the release, and then we will share an updated timeline.

Towards the end of the month I attended Inbox Expo which is one of the largest gatherings of email marketing professionals across Europe. The three-day conference had many great talks which can be accessed online, and was very informative in terms of future changes on the horizon and best practices.

Coming up next month, we will be ramping up preparations for Mautic Conference Global 2023 - our online World Conference which is being held between 21-22 June (the call for speakers is currently open!) and also putting in place plans to hold a Community Sprint where we will come together over two or three days to work on moving forward projects within the Mautic community.

Watch out on our social media for updates, and as always, a huge thank you for your support!

Ruth Cheesley
Mautic Project Lead