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Sponsors update - January 2023
Published on February 3, 2023 by Ruth Cheesley

Hello awesome supporters of Mautic!

I hope that you’ve all had a great start to 2023, as I head over to Brussels to attend FOSDEM - the largest European gathering of Open Source enthusiasts - I have been reflecting on just how far we’ve come over the last few years, and what we’ve achieved as a community.

Mautic is experiencing strong growth, both in terms of usage but also a growing trend in practical and financial contributions.  I’m hearing from many agencies working with Mautic that they are seeing a steady and increasing stream of great new clients coming through their doors, and numerous exciting projects coming online with Mautic.

Everyone who has supported Mautic in whatever way, has played a part in making this growth happen, so thank you!

We have some challenging goals coming up in the next year, including tripling our financial contributions and growing our partners program, to further support our ongoing growth.

You can read about some of the progress over the last year in my round-up from Q4 2023 year here.

We are steadily making progress on the refactoring work that is needed for the Symfony 5 update which is largely being supported by your contributions.

Currently we are mainly blocked by not having enough testers, so if you’re able to lend a hand to help us get Mautic 5 released sooner, here’s the list of what to focus on (and here’s how to help test, which can all be done in the browser by any user of Mautic).  We will be sharing an update on the status in due course.

Next month we hope to be making some big announcements, including the date for our next Mautic Conference Global, so do keep an eye out!

Thanks again for your ongoing support of Mautic, it is much appreciated!

Ruth Cheesley
Mautic Project Lead
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