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Sponsors Update - March 2023
Published on April 3, 2023 by Ruth Cheesley

Hello awesome sponsors of Mautic!

It’s great to see the continued growth across the Mautic ecosystem as we all come together to build something bigger than ourselves. I’ve just published the quarterly roundup for Q1 and when I look back over the past three years, I am so proud of what we have accomplished together.

This month has necessarily been focused on the final push to get Mautic 5 over the line.  We completed the major refactor of the user interface which we partially crowd-funded (thanks again to the awesome supporters who helped with this) and attention is now moving to getting rid of the older code that is no longer supported by Symfony 5, and finalising the work on the new messaging and queueing system which use Symfony Messenger and Symfony Mailer.

We are also really hoping to get PHP 8.1 support included which involves a lot of backwards compatibility breaks, and a much smoother workflow for Composer and Docker-based installs.

Some of the other exciting features coming in Mautic 5 include:
  • Transactional emails will now be sent even if the contact has DNC flagged, and will not have an unsubscribe header
  • Contacts now have an overview of their email engagement statistics on their profile
  • Filtering reports by tags
  • Segment dependency tree to show segments that have dependencies on other segments and warn you if you have multiple dependencies for the same segment
  • Campaigns now have the contact’s Stage as a condition
  • Stages can now be exported in a Contact export
  • Mailto: links can now be tracked as if they were a regular link
  • Emails and pages can now use the {today} token
  • Significant speed improvements on the de-duplicate task
  • Significant optimisation of the webhooks queue table
Work is proceeding well on these last few tasks and we are grateful for everyone who is helping us to test and review.

We also just opened up ticket sales for Mautic Conference Global, happening on 21-22 June and fully online. 

Early bird tickets are on sale until the 14th April, we also have a Community Support ticket and a great opportunity for Mautic beginners to join a training course delivered by our Community Partners, Friendly. Get your tickets here!

If you are interested in raising your profile in the Mautic community, sponsoring the event is a great way to do that. Not only do you financially support our future growth but you also get a whole range of perks!

We have tiers to suit most budgets, from $£250 to $5,000, and we would welcome any contribution that you can make. Read more about the tiers here and please to drop us an email at [email protected] with any questions.

Finally, as always, a really big thank you to every one of you who sponsors and supports Mautic. We really value every contribution, large or small.

All the best,

Ruth Cheesley
Mautic Project Lead