Open Collective
Open Collective
25 meals delivered to the ER of Saint-Pierre hospital in Brussels β€” call for volunteers to offer more meals of gratitude
Published on March 25, 2020 by Xavier Damman

Martin went to buy food for 25 people from a local restaurant and brought it to the ER at Saint-Pierre hospital where his wife works. See some photos here:

If you too you have access to some of the people that keep on working to keep our society running, please help us offer them a meal of gratitude.

Order from a local restaurant and submit the receipt to our collective with the story. We –as a collective– will reimburse you.

Beyond doctors and nurses, there are pharmacists, cashiers, garbage collectors, delivery people, social workers, police officers, firemen, ... those are all unsung heroes that deserve our deepest gratitude.

Note: Here are some important advice to follow while helping on the front line (made by the awesome people at theΒ Coronavirus Solidarity Brussels)

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