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How to generate a donation tax receipt using Open Collective
Published on April 2, 2021 by Holly Tabor

Meals of Gratitude Community- 
Thank you so much for your continued generosity, and helping us to serve so many people. As tax season is upon us, we wanted to send out information that might be helpful. 
You should have received a receipt by email from Open Collective at the time of your donation. However, if that is not available to you, here are instructions on how you can generate a receipt for tax purposes. 
Instructions for Downloading a Tax Receipt from Open Collective 
2.     At the top right, click the “Sign In” button. 
3.     Type in your email address that you used for your donation and click the button “Sign In”. 
4.     Go to your email and open the email from “Open Collective” and click on the button “One Click Login”. 
5.     Scroll down on the Meals of Gratitude Page to “Budget” and click “Transactions”. 
6.     Click on “View All Transactions”. 
7.     On the right, in the “Search” window next to “Transactions” type in your name. 
8.     Find your contribution(s) and click on “View Details”. 
9.     Click “Download Receipt” and you will download a PDF of your receipt that can be used for tax purposes. 
Please note: if you did not make your donation directly through Open Collective, please let us know by clicking on “Actions” on the right on the main Open Collective Meals of Gratitude page, and “Contact”. This is also a good place to ask any other questions you might have. 
Stay tuned: we will be sending out an update on what we are doing shortly! 
Thank you!