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Open Collective
Dev Communiqué for July 2021
Published on August 3, 2021 by Sam Whited

As part of our recent push to better communicate and encourage contributions to Mellium, we are going to experiment with providing monthly summaries of work being done. Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Dev Communiqué!

Development continued apace this month and included the usual assortment of bug fixes and improvements. In addition, carbons, MUC, and Roster Versioning were all implemented!

Highlights from July include:
  • Roster Versioning
  • Message Carbons
  • Multi-User Chat (MUC)
  • We moved to Open Collective (here) for fundraising and updates!
We also participated in the Codeberg Docuthon and completed several documentation issues.

Other changes include (in no particular order) a mechanism for handling message receipts that were not generated by messages sent through the handler (e8dab772a9cf), a breaking change to the IterIQ methods that allow access to attributes on the response payload start token (68530b00abfa), and the addition of Message and Presence send methods (f9f79195e91c).

As always, you can join [email protected] to discuss any of these changes with us or get involved!