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Mellium is a collection of Go libraries, tools, and modules related to XMPP.

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Support the following initiatives from Mellium Co-op.


Security Audit

Fundraising to contract an independent third party to perform a security audit

OMEMO Encryption

Support end-to-end encryption with OMEMO

Mediated Information Exchange

Implement a modern groupchat protocol and help maintain the specifications.

Jingle Voice and Video

Implement a Jingle peer-to-peer voice and video stack to combate proprietary VOIP stacks.


Mellium Co-op is hosting the following events.

Past event

XMPP Office Hours: Overview of Open Collective and Fiscal Hosting

04:00 PM UTC
We will discuss the XSF's new role as a fiscal host for the XMPP community and show off Open Coll...Read more
Past event

XMPP Office Hours: Preview of Communiqué

04:00 PM UTC
Mellium member Sam Whited will present a preview of our new TUI client, Communiqué for the XMPP O...Read more

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Sam Whited

Cooperator at Willow Bark, Corner Garage, and M...


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Dev Communiqué for September 2021

The big news this month is the release of[email protected]! Most of the major improvements were covered in the release announcement and...
Read more
Published on September 29, 2021 by Sam Whited

New release: v0.20.0!

After five months of work and 121 commits by three contributors, today we're releasing [email protected]! The following new contribut...
Read more
Published on September 26, 2021 by Sam Whited

Dev Communiqué for August 2021

It's been another month, so let's get right to it! There were two big additions this month: ad-hoc commands and message archive management (history sync) in Communiqué! Communiqué The easiest new feature to show off is...
Read more
Published on August 29, 2021 by Sam Whited


Mellium is a collection of libraries and tools relating to XMPP and written in Go. Our goal is to develop cooperative software that extends and contributes back to the XMPP ecosystem.

Our team

Sam Whited

Cooperator at Willow Bark, Corner Garage, and M...