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Dev Communiqué for March 2022
Published on March 30, 2022 by Sam Whited

March was a relatively slow month overall as I try to figure out my job/money situation, but some work did get done, so as always, let's start off with some stats:
  • 9 commits to from 2 contributors
  • 0 new contributors :(
  • 7 commits to Communiqué
  • $20 in donations towards sustaining Mellium development

The main updates this month were the deprecation of the "compress" package and improvements to the bookmarks, pubsub, form, and stanza packages!

Though it was a slower month for Mellium development, a number of improvements were made including the ability to delete a bookmark, and fixes to the pubsub package so that any pubsub node can be used (not just the users account). The form package also got the ability to retrieve drop-down options from forms, something that was conspicuously missing before and made it impossible to implement drop-down form fields correctly. Finally, the compress module was deprecated as the XSF has recently chosen to obsolete the specification it implemented. It will be marked as deprecated in the next version, and removed in the version after. If you still want to use compression, it has been moved to its own module for backwards compatibility purposes: the new legacy module! This module will contain functionality that is removed from the main xmpp module pre-1.0 and functionality that is still widely used in XMPP clients but where new uses should be discouraged (such as private XML storage).


Some big updates were also merged to Communiqué this month!
The sidebar now supports separate roster, bookmarks, and "recent conversations" views!
Though there's still a great amount of work to do (in particular around opening and closing "recent conversations" and persisting them across restarts), we are very happy with the new direction and the UX improvements this will unlock.

Update: we got a last minute donation in March, and the totals have been updated to reflect that!