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Dev Communiqué for October 2021
Published on October 31, 2021 by Sam Whited

Work this month was slow and primarily focused around PubSub and Bookmarks which
now have basic implementations!


This month in there were 17 commits by two contributors,
including one new contributor! Welcome Julian and thank you for your

In Communiqué there were 3 commits by 1 contributor.

The only large feature merged this month is the new pubsub package which
implements the generic Publish-Subscribe mechanism defined in XEP-0060.
This lays the groundwork for the `bookmarks` package (in progress, but not yet
merged) which implements XEP-0402: PEP Native Bookmarmks.
More updates will be coming next month for bookmarks, we hope.


The Communiqué TUI client again received minimal work this month as most of our
dev hours were focused on the library, however, it did grow one fun new feature:
message styling support!
If you're using a terminal that supports it, messages that are surrounded by
certain characters now show up *bold*, _italicized_, `pre-formatted`, or ~struck
~. We even support quotations and pre-formatted text blocks.

That's it for this month! If you're a user of Mellium please consider
supporting us on Open Collective! Our current objective is still to make enough
to afford to move these updates to a proper blog with RSS support.