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Mellium to receive grant for end-to-end encryption
Published on November 26, 2022 by Sam Whited

We are excited to announce that the NLnet Foundation will be supporting the development of end-to-end encryption in the Mellium library with a grant from the NGI Assure Fund! We will be implementing the OMEMO encryption protocol and related technologies.

Though the scope of the work is still being determined we hope to implement the legacy version of OMEMO as used by most XMPP clients today, as well as the more modern version to encourage adoption. This includes cryptographic primitives not previously available in Go that will allow other XMPP implementations to add support for OMEMO, metadata encryption when the modern version of OMEMO is in use, and improvements to Mellium's pub-sub support that are required for OMEMO. By implementing both versions of OMEMO we hope to make the entire XMPP ecosystem better and encourage adoption of encryption technologies.

Thank you to NLNet and the European Commission's Next Generation Internet program for helping to fund the original grant.

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