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Mellium Year in Review 2021
Published on January 4, 2022 by Sam Whited

Last year I wrote up the Mellium Year in Review on my personal blog, this year we're moving it to our very own Open Collective!

In 2021 the library received 358 commits by 8 contributors! We also released three versions and opened 75 issues (28 of which we closed or fixed).

Some of my favorite changes from the past year include:
  • Initial support for PubSub and PEP,
  • More flexible negotiators that can change what features they offer on the fly,
  • Support for the various protocol extensions including Ad-Hoc Commands, group chat, and message history,
  • An implementation of Service Discovery (this extension gets its own bullet point because it was a long time coming), and
  • Websocket support.
As always, the full list can be found in the changelog.


The biggest announcement last year, of course, was that our experimental Terminal User Interface (TUI) client would be expanded and made into a usable daily driver. Though we haven't reached that goal yet, 2021 saw the addition of support for chat rooms, message styling, executing commands and showing the configuration interfaces of bots and webforms, and a great deal more! I'm personally most proud of the UI we've been designing, a preview of which (showing both light and dark themes in the solarized style can be seen below:

The next big milestone will be to get bookmarks and tabs working. Once this is done conversations can be sorted into chats, group chats and a combined "recent chats" tab, making finding a specific contact to chat with or group chat to join much easier.

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