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Open Collective
New release: v0.21.2!
Published on April 7, 2022 by Sam Whited

After 2 months, we're back with our next release, [email protected]!

This release fixes bugs in the websocket, pubsub, and mux packages, deprecates the compress package entirely, and adds a lot of great new functionality that will be useful to XMPP client developers!

In particular: the new bookmarks package implements storing links to your favorite chat rooms (along with information about whether they should be auto-joined when a client connects) on the server using XEP-0402: PEP Native Bookmarks. The new crypto package is a lower level package that contains types for various common hash functions used in XMPP and adds the ability to convert the type to and from strings to be sent over the wire. Finally, the disco package now has support for calculating entity capability hashes! This should make it much easier to cache disco responses and be updated when they change without having to constantly fetch the entire set of service discovery information from every contact on every connection.

As always, more details can be found in the change log.

You can update your project by navigating to the module directory and running:
go get[email protected]