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Crafting cartographies of internet metagovernance


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Cartographies of Internet Metagovernance is a mapping project aims to aid Metagov research synthesis. 

As people attempt to self-govern, blindness to system dynamics can often result in unintended consequences and huge efforts that fail to change the systems of governance for digital technologies. Clarifying and combining insights across research can support the ability to find where to push for change, and how to leverage current dynamics, in support of more democratic methods of internet governance.

Using causal loop diagrams based on key research, we'll compare and contrast core dynamics across papers relevant to governance of the internet. We'll also host conversations to spark collaboration in key areas, using the map to highlight areas of potentially high exposure to change as well as high influence on system dynamics, or what we're trying to change.

Mapping calls are announced in the Metagov Slack, open to community members (join here if you like), and to folks curious about system mapping and governance of our digital infrastructures.

Project lead by
Christina Bowen, knowledge ecologist.

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