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In 2022, Metagov co-organized the inaugural Redwood Parliament, a governance convocation event held at DWeb Camp. The Parliament brought together a collection of interdisciplinary thinkers, artists, dreamers, and builders to discuss, role play, speculate, and workshop our way towards a governance layer for the internet.

Building off the success of Redwood Parliament, and inspired by the like-minded community we found at DWeb Camp, we are partnering with DWeb to return to camp in June to feature four fellows from our  Groundwork Fellowship  (announced here). The fellows will represent work and research happening at the intersection of internet infrastructure design, governance, and marginalization, and our fellows will collectively organize a workshop session during camp to prototype and test work-in-progress artifacts being developed for the fellowship.

DWeb is covering the cost of campership and Metagov is covering the costs of travel and accommodation. 

We are seeking donations to offset our costs. 

Our goal is $10,000.

Please consider making a one-time donation to support our efforts.


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