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Hi there, thanks for checking out our About us section. We like to contribute to some of the tech stacks that we use on our site, but also some that we might find interesting to support.

Here's a little bit about ourselves:

At Meta Tier List, we create, rank, and publish tier lists for all the popular and upcoming games out there.

What's a tier list you might ask?

Well, a tier list in gaming is used to determine the power or strength of a certain character or item compared to the others in the same game. The tier ranks are usually from the very best (S or S+ tier) to the worst (D or sometimes E tier).

So for example, if you're a fan of Pokemon and want to play it on the go, then a good choice would be to download Pokemon Unite on your device. But that game has dozens of available characters that you can use and play with... so how do you know which ones to choose? Well, this is where a tier list for Pokemon Unite can become helpful, in that way, you know for sure which character to use in every particular meta.

Oh, yeah, the META term in gaming (before it was made famous by Zuckerberg) stands for: Most Effective Tactics Available. So basically it's the strategy or tactic (or hero, champion, weapon, etc), that works best in a given time (for example in a particular season or patch).

We also publish helpful guides, special rewards codes for supported games (such as Shindo Life Codes if you're a fan of Roblox), and gaming news about the latest releases or changes to popular titles.

Well, that about covers pretty much anything... so if you're a gamer you probably should check us out and see if we have made a tier list for your favorite game.

Thanks for reading,

Our team