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Exploring history and fostering cultural inquiry through the museum design legacy of educator Michael Sand.

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The Michael Sand Archives captures the singular career of a critical, if sometimes provocative, figure in the museum design field. Sand, a prolific museum designer and educator, helped pioneer the use of hands-on and technology-driven practices in museums and other learning environments. The Archives’ expansive collection reflects the collaborative and experimental nature of the design field, and the radical evolution of museum design in the twentieth century. It explores subjects such as community development, public land use and urban planning; city, county and state government administration; race and immigration; political protest; science, computers and technology; the role of play and interactivity in early childhood development and pedagogy, and so much more. Sand’s career was grounded by a deep commitment to cultural education and exploration, and the Michael Sand Archives continues this legacy.

The Archives is managed by Michael's youngest daughter, Jess. Visit us:

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