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Community supported legal fund for migrants in crisis.


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This fund is for members who are survivors of trafficking, slavery, and gender-based sexual violence. The Home Office for too long has gotten away ... Read more

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Enough sitting in limbo! Support women in the a...


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Monthly financial contribution to Migrant Artists Mutual ...

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Monthly financial contribution to Migrant Artists Mutual ...

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Leaning in to justice

We are just trying to experiment with how we can support members and supporters as we all struggle with the cost of living crunch. Members of MaMa are in the process of developing recipe cards and meal kits-some of these we can send in the...
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Published on May 11, 2022 by Jennifer Verson

Helping out?

There are a couple of events happening as part of the Meet me at the River exhibition and it would be great if any of our supporters were interested in coming by, saying hello, or even getting involved in other activities coming up we have...
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Published on March 31, 2022 by Jennifer Verson

Meet us at the River

It has been a couple of challenging months since our last update, but the exciting news is that our exhibition opened almost two weeks ago and we are really hoping that we will have a chance to catch up with people in person!...
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Published on March 16, 2022 by Jennifer Verson


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Making solidarity work during times of crisis

Published on April 27, 2022 by Jennifer Verson

It struck me today what the Rwanda policy could mean for members of mama-

Say Your Name!

Published on July 7, 2021 by Jennifer Verson

Today I made vegan keto samosas under a canopy for the MaMa choir practice-The hope that I have with the Artists for Justice legal fund, is that we as a community can become a more powerful force for challenging the structural racism and mi...

Migrant Artists Mutual Aid Legal Justice Fund

Published on June 29, 2021 by Jennifer Verson

Two of our earliest members are facing legal challenges that will amount to over £5000 its one of those horrible moments in the history of MaMa that money will actually save the lives of members.


  Over ten years Migrant Artists Mutual Aid, has learned the hard way that justice has a price tag. Female and child asylum seekers struggle to find refuge and justice against forced marriage, domestic violence, FGM and other gender based violence. The asylum and legal system are often stacked against them getting the security they need in the UK.

  Migrant Artists Mutual Aid (MaMa) assists our members with our legal fund where we can fund expert reports, medico-legal reports, solicitor fees for complicated cases and other legal support to give them access to expert legal services that would otherwise be unavailable to them in a legal system stacked against the poor and destitute.

  MaMa has worked with a number of legal practices and cultural organisations in Liverpool and around the UK, such as the International Slavery Museum, and the Bluecoat to support our members and to raise awareness of the issues faced by migrant women and children.

  MaMa was set up in 2011 to originally support one women seeking asylum in the UK to protect her daughter from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) back in Gambia. After many years of campaigning and raising a considerable amount of money for legal fees, Fatoumata finally won her case, changing UK case-law in the process and helping access to justice for women in her position in the process. MaMa decided to carry on working with other migrant women and has funded a number of successful cases for vulnerable women and their children.

  Unfortunately, many women still struggle with access to justice, and not every case is a success. Members of MaMa have suffered deportation and incarceration despite our best efforts. This is why a robust access to legal funds is vital for us to help fight for their cause.

 One MaMa member seeking asylum with a particularly complex legal case has been ‘sitting in limbo’ for over a decade. Living with an uncertain legal status is like having unstable ground beneath your feet. As a survivor of gender-based violence, living with that level of daily uncertainty makes it especially challenging to recover from trauma. How can one build a new life on unstable ground? MaMa members gain ground together through connection and friendship, cultural production, and strong legal support to counteract the ‘hostile environment’.

  MaMa’s legal fund is used to gain expert legal support for members who have been living with uncertainty for far too long. With sustaining support toward our legal fund, we can continue creating solid ground for our membership to grow, heal and move forward.

  We are unique in that we directly fund and campaign on behalf of individual asylum seekers, allowing us to support people with the most complicated cases, and with successful campaigns, change case-law and precedent that helps all asylum cases in the future.


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Mary Pearson

Enough sitting in limbo! Support women in the a...


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