Published on June 4, 2020 by CJ Patoilo


- Added support for input form types (`color`, `date`, `datetime`, `datetime-local`, `month`, `week`)

- Added support for multiple options on the select element

- Added support for responsive table 

- Added support for new offset size on the grid element

- Added support for funding

- Added support for Gitpod

- Added new code linter: Prettier and StandardJS

- Added .npmignore back to root

- Updated the command name to run the visual regression testing

- Updated all files from `tab` to `space`

- Updated Node.js version to v12

- Updated Normalize.css version to v8

- Updated the color type of the select element

- Updated `codes` to the singular

- Removed support for EditorConfig and ESlint

- Removed support for Yarn

- Removed `dist` folder from the repository