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Modulo Learning Organization

Academic and social enrichment for children of all ages



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Supporting families and teachers impacted by School Closures

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To support families Working from Home with Kids with resources and support

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Free mastery-based math tutoring for K-12 students

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Educate children and families about racism

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Discover tools to support your child’s learning

Foster creativity, resilience and autonomy.  Accelerate learning through individualized instruction in STEM and arts.  Build enriching social relationships with a diverse community. Create a flexible school schedule and spend more time together as a family. Nurture a lifelong passion for learning

Curricula: Get a world-class education in any subject

With modular learning, each child’s learning plan can be customized to fit their individual learning style and interests drawing on the limitless curricula available online and offline for accelerated learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math and more. 

Modulo is an early stage experimental project led by a small group of educators, researchers and parents. We are currently exploring ways to support parents who want to enrich their child’s learning in or outside of school, as well as looking at the impact of such an approach. If you’re interested in getting more involved in your child’s education or participating in our project.

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News from Modulo Learning Organization

Updates on our activities and progress.

Modulo Update: Empowering Famlies and Expanding to customized K12 education

What did you accomplish during 2022? How did you use money? In 2022, Modulo continued efforts to expand access to mastery-based free tutoring for K12 students, providing tutoring to over 1000 families through our platform...
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Published on December 21, 2022 by Manisha Snoyer