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These are all the ways you can help make our community sustainable.

Recurring contribution

For just ½ the price of a Melbourne coffee, you can get a spot in the guide and help keep the core team well caffeinated!

Starts at$2 USD / month

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Recurring contribution
Backer - Priority Support

For just two Melbourne coffees a month, you can get a spot in the guide and the nannou core team will carefully answer your emails and issues submi... Read more

Starts at$10 USD / month

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Recurring contribution
Backer - Priority Patches

Priority Support + The core team will spend at least one day a week prioritising bug fixes and tweaks for all members under this tier.

Starts at$50 USD / month

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One-time contribution
Nannou Core Team Access

Speak with a member of the core team directly, either via voice chat, video chat or whatever suits you! We can provide help with an issue you are h... Read more

Starts at$150 USD

Recurring contribution
Company Sponsorship

All of the above + Nannou will feature your company’s logo on both the website and the README with a safe and secure link of your choice.

Starts at$500 USD / month

Custom contribution
Make a custom one-time or recurring contribution.

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