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MISTI tools are developed specifically to help reduce the secondary trauma to families in having to repeatedly enter info about the missing relative.


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MISTI tools are developed specifically to help reduce the secondary trauma to families of having to repeatedly enter information about their missing relatives during times of crisis because they don’t own report data. Information gathering can be cold and sterile, something emotionally taxing for families even before cultural lack of sensitivity comes into play. 

Culturally sensitive information gathering is something not afforded to Native people historically or today. Smart, simple programming can unify disjointed and painful processes which is where MISTI can step in and provide support.  None seek to replace data bases, rather MISTI automates the sending of the same information to multiple databases at once. MISTI also looks to automate this process for contacting press, bridging rampantly disjointed processes.

MISTI produces more family searches empowered with the following: a printable report with the option to submit/send to multiple databases at once, art & graphic support, press materials created ad-lib style from report data sent by the family with the option of auto-sending to media, and customized printable resources reports explaining local jurisdictions and lists advocates in the area.

It is a collective of tools ie. workbook (jurisdictional info on how to navigate law enforcement, open-source intelligence gathering tips on how to do it), direct family involvement including printable materials to help navigate the law enforcement system, materials to help track information gathered throughout the process. Tips on how to search areas/business, hospitals, medical providers, locations, and what questions to ask. In simple terms how to become your own Private Investigator. Press and PR support and how to communicate to these entities as well as reach the public about a missing person.

  • Phase 1: Research - COMPLETE
    • Understand the processes and experiences of families and advocates by visiting with groups, organizations, and families. Identify and begin collecting relevant press contacts. Begin building printed tools/materials for the Workbook report.

  • Phase 2:(our current phase): Listening & Tools selection
    • Visit with groups, organizations, families, and advocates to develop what a concise and effective intake process looks like. Decide which tools will adequately fit the needs identified in this stage and begin automation tools build. Continue to develop press contacts and understanding from press contacts about the best way for MISTI to garner the attention of reporters in various newsrooms. Finalize & distribute workbooks.

  • Phase 3: (1 of 2) Build 
    • Work on developing a copy and visual materials for the public awareness campaign. Develop what the auto-integration looks like for press and communications materials that are generated from a workbook/report intake tool developed with a technologist.

  • Phase 4: (2 of 2) Build  
    • Beta test the MISTI tool online with people with whom relationships are developed and who are doing the work to be uplifted using the online tools. Decided upon the platforms that the public awareness campaign will run on.
    • Roll out and shift to maintenance/measurement:
      • Do a soft public launch and full launch with press materials to promote the public launch to promote beginning one month later. The public awareness campaign is launched, aggressively promoted, and reviewed for efficacy. Planning for the next tool initiative begins.

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