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Nebula's Cash Assistance Program
Published on April 4, 2023 by Chris

Nebula’s Cash Assistance Program[*] is as follows.

We intend to help people we are working with to stay safe and alive.

Are people experiencing or who have recently experienced domestic violence or intimate partner violence or who are in danger of experiencing one of these.

We shall use the cash assistance policy for the following things for the Recipients and people under their care (eg, their children): to pay rent, mortgage or temporary shelter stay (eg, motel/hotel); groceries; hygiene products; clothing; security supplies (eg, cameras and door stoppers) to thwart/challenge stalking; to get bailed out of incarceration; home goods (eg, bedsheets, lamps, etc) to get a new start and good rest in homeostasis; and medical emergency funds (transportation, medicines, clinic visitation).

Recipients shall be people whom a Nebula member is working with.

The amount to disburse shall be based on what volunteers can “front”, how much money the Collective can give from already-existing funds or in anticipation of receiving more funds for the recipient or the Collective’s work in general.

This cash assistance program is needed for Recipients when Open Collective is not accessible to them, such as tech barriers, not having access to a banking/credit union institution, or not having access to PayPal.

We expect to disburse up to $2,000 per Recipient, though we aim to keep this below $300 where possible.

This program begins immediately and is indefinite or until replaced by a new one.

[*] This shall be known as Nebula’s “Cash Assistance Policy (April 3rd 2023 version)”.