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My name is Chrystalleni Loizidou, known as nee since my IRC days.

I sought meaning in academic research about conflict transformation in relation to art and media history, community building, and recovering the commons. I worked and taught at universities and art-centers and developed and coordinated international programs with increasing focus on education through art, and free and open source technology. When my son came in 2018 he reactivated my connection with a circle of heart-giving art educators and helped me see what the situationists' meant with their rejection of alienated labour. For the last three years I have been using all my tools and abilities to surround my son and myself with a sense of community and abundance that doesn’t require what Silvia Federici described as “parking our children while we go to work”. My son and I have been learning from the bravest and most meaningful art- and eco-educational initiatives that we've been able to find around the world, and we've been holding space and rhythm for free-play with wonderful people around our island. I have come to see meaningful learning as a humble process of connecting with our nature and re-enchanting our world, through delight, wonder, and hands-on care for our surroundings. When I find myself in the role of educator/artist/facilitator, I cherish opportunities to do as little as possible, to become a subtle catalyst or bridge, and to provide others a fundamental kind of support, or what Eve Annecke has described as ‘radical accompaniment’, towards a state of being that explores, shares, connects, and soul-seeks towards freedom.

After cooperatively setting up a pioneer Waldorf School in Nicosia, an initiative too-easily halted by the pandemic, I've been choosing to work more towards life and meaningful community, and less towards setting up institutions or organisations. I have been coordinating eimaste, a local parents cooperative and continue my training in Waldorf Pedagogy (since 2019) and Forest School (since 2021).

I travel with my son (b. 2018) and we would love to spend time with other families in nature.

I love writing, generally with more of a sense of humour than this!