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Newtonsoft.Json for Unity has been archived.

Newtonsoft.Json for Unity has been archived and is no longer active.

Newtonsoft.Json for Unity

Fork of Newtonsoft.Json to work for iOS/Android/IL2CPP builds in Unity3D


Newtonsoft.Json for Unity is all of us

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Updates on our activities and progress.

Unity has adopted my package! 🎉

I have held communication with some Unity developers almost since the dawn of this project. It has taken 3 years, and now Unity has officially adopted the responsibility of the Newtonsoft.Json fork. The state of Unity's pac...
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Published on March 3, 2022 by Kalle Fagerberg

New package of converters for Unity types

I not long ago now got v1.0.0 ready for release of my package jilleJr/Newtonsoft.Json-for-Unity.Converters. The most common use-case for Newton...
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Published on June 1, 2020 by Kalle Fagerberg


For the .NET community and all of us that just want to parse JSON within our Unity projects.

Using Newtonsoft.Json inside the Unity3D game engine is simple at first. Just push in the .dll and start coding. Perhaps even use some NuGet downloader to keep the binaries out of your git repository.

We all however hit the brick wall where we try to build our project with IL2CPP (usually when we try target iOS or WebGL) because of some technical details of how the Newtonsoft.Json project is created.

There are ways around these difficulties, however they're not straight forward. I did like previous attempts, compiled prepared binaries to be used inside the Unity game engine with small tweaks to make it compatible with all different IL2CPP builds.

In short, what Newtonsoft.Json-for-Unity provides:

  • Fixes of comparability issues with IL2CPP builds
  • Packaged binaries to install via the new Unity Package Manager (UPM)
  • Prepared custom Newtonsoft.Json converters to and from common Unity types (Vector3, Quaternion, Bounds)
  • Helper class "AotHelper" to easily resolve AOT runtime errors
  • Remain an up-to-date fork of Newtonsoft.Json

It's a simple but needed project that is looking more for contributors than donations. Spreading the word is the easiest way to contribute.

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