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We bring sustainable governance to open source projects and communities globally that supports the maintainers’ independent oversight of their creations.


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Project Membership - Individual

Project memberships are reserved for contributors to the Foundation's various projects. Each Nivenly project will determine how to distribute its s... Read more

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Fellow Membership - Individual

Nivenly Fellows are appointed by the Nivenly Board of Directors to individuals for their contributions and support of the Foundations goals in the ... Read more

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Trade Membership

Trade memberships are reserved for the for- and non-profit entities that support the Foundation's various projects. Each trade member entity will d... Read more

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Aurae is on a mission to be the most loved and effective way of managing workloads on a node.

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Hachyderm is a safe space, LGBTQIA+ and BLM, primarily comprised of tech industry professionals w...

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New Member Projects and Member Discussion Process

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Published on August 16, 2023 by Quintessence Anx



The Nivenly Foundation is a non-profit co-op providing governance and legal support for open source projects. There are three member types that participate in the governance structure:
  • General members - for individuals.
  • Project members - for the maintainers of Nivenly projects only. Each project has a process for adding maintainers.
  • Trade members - for companies, businesses, non-profits, and other similar entities.
These three groups work together via separate chambers in the Nivenly Senate, which uses a lightweight democratic process to facilitate decision-making. The three chambers are designed to be balanced, so that no one chamber (or entity in a chamber) can override the other two. The goal of the Senate-model is to ensure that users, builders, and sponsors work together toward a project's success and also mutually reap the benefits of that success.

For questions about memberships or the Foundation, please email [email protected] . We also have more information on Nivenly's governance page and release blog post.

Current Projects
For more information about our projects, please see Nivenly's Projects page.

How Funds Are Used

Funds are currently used to support our two projects. Of these, Hachyderm is the larger - so the vast majority of our funds are going to Hachyderm related expenses. As we grow, we hope to be able to financially support more projects as well.

A Note for our GitHub Sponsors

For those donating through GitHub Sponsors: first of all, THANK YOU! Secondly: there is a 60 day trial period before the initial funds release. So we will receive all your donations at the end of April 2023.

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