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Fund the efforts to help optimize our S3 Cache, reduce costs and make it sustainable for the future of Nix.


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Credit from Asgeir Storesund Nilsen to S3 Cache Long Term

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As we approach the halfway mark of our 12-month AWS funding (9,000 USD/month), the urgency for a sustainable solution is higher, especially given the significant growth in our cache expenses (November charge 13,728 USD split between S3 storage - 8,696.88 and data transfer - 4,776.67).
We’re excited to announce a major step forward: an initiative led by @flokli and @edef, targeting an accelerated milestone for the long term resolution plan:
  • Cache analytics: support technical decision-making on where to deploy things with respect to our needs for performance (latency, parallel requests, etc.)
  • Deduplication analytics: explore the parameter space of the chunker and data structures for metadata.
  • NAR reassembly: extend “nar-bridge” 6 to support operating where NAR reassembly would happen (AWS Lambda or Fastly Compute@Edge), and to support the used storage model
  • Enablement: extend Fastly 404 handler to reroute historical data to this new S3 store and delete the old data from the main S3 binary cache
As timing is crucial on this project, the NixOS Foundation will fund the first 10,000 EUR to enable us to get going. In parallel, we plan to open up an Open Collective project 21 to raise the remaining ca. 20,000 EUR for those who want to take part in helping make progress on our S3 cache needs.
If you want to support the project please visit the Open Collective project page or reach out to us at the foundation ([email protected]). 

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