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Entirely New 2020 Node.JS/JS Stack For Testing, Documentation And Building Software And Websites. The only pure JS alternative to TypeScript.

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Published on August 19, 2019 by Anton


Let’s get the ball rolling! This is where things get planned and sometimes this is where things get done. Ask questions, thank people for their efforts, and contribute your skills to the service of the community.

NodeTools is all of us

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Everyone who has supported NodeTools. Individuals and organizations that believe in –and take ownership of– our purpose.


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Software Development for Node.JS has been characterised as not having enough productivity and automation in processes besides coding, such as testing and documentation. Moreover, the traditional package linking process leads to having to install 100s of dependencies for a single package that is to be used. TypeScript has become the new normal and the ecosystem is swayed away into complexity, too-technological chore and general tendency to make the developer product of his/her software and not the other way around.


The entirely new Node.JS that:

  • allows you to test your applications using test contexts, where test cases are separated from test API methods, which are accessed with full JSDoc support, and can be shared across packages.
  • makes you a super documenter by providing a tool to embed examples into documentation along with their output, while caching results and automatically uploading changes to GitHub, including splitting into Wiki pages with linking of types between them.
  • enables you to say good bye to Babel and it's 4911 linking bloatware, with a new 0-dependency transpiler that also supports JSX.
  • focuses on real professional JavaScript programming and not TypeScript, with full attention to JSDoc as the main instrument for annotations and autocompletions.
  • provides means to compile Node.JS and front-end packages with Google Closure Compiler, shrinking all dependencies into compiled and optimised code (not simple bundling) no google affiliation.
  • maintains a web-server bundle consisting of a compiled Koa app and essential middleware including session, compression, static files (contribute £££ to receive more middleware) with a single dependency (mime-db)!.
  • implements the best ever and most flexible static website generation, with custom JSX elements as templates, lazy-loaded Preact JSX components and CSS and JS optimised with Closure Compiler.
  • can be used to register domains via CLI, as well as setting their DNS records ( account needed).