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Open Collective
Here we go!
Published on May 8, 2020 by Rich Abdill

Things are finally getting up and running with Nokomis East Mutual Aid. We have IT and communication infrastructure in place and will be flyering the neighborhoods soon to let people know we're out here and to recruit new volunteers. We have multiple calls scheduled with groups in the community and plans to reach out on multiple platforms to people who may not be as plugged in on social media. Our primary priorities right now are:

  1. Find out what the community's most urgent needs are.
  2. Build out a larger network of volunteers, both to facilitate direct aid such (grocery shopping, virtual check-ins, etc.) and to help existing organizations in the neighborhood accomplish the exciting work they've already started.

We're far, far behind other mutual aid groups in places like New York City, but Minnesota has been very lucky so far with the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak. People still need help, and there's no well-defined end anywhere on the horizon, but we have each other.