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Nokomis East Mutual Aid

We connect neighbors in the Nokomis East neighborhoods of Minneapolis to organizations and volunteers in the area.


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Things are finally getting up and running with Nokomis East Mutual Aid. We have IT and communication infrastructure in place and will be flyering the neighborhoods soon to let people know we're out here and to recruit new volunteers. We ...
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Published on May 8, 2020 by Rich Abdill


Our mission is simple: In this difficult and uncertain time, we will support our community however we can. We are based in South Minneapolis and serve the four "Nokomis East" neighborhoods: Morris Park, Minnehaha, Wenonah and Keewaydin.

Nokomis East Mutual Aid helps connect our neighbors to volunteers and organizations in the area to help them get the resources they need. We fetch groceries and run errands, do virtual check-ins to make sure people are doing ok, and help support people in whatever ways we're able. The people we are helping generally pay for the supplies that we're delivering, but we never charge for assistance and are collecting funds here to cover expenses for those who can't afford the supplies they need to live. Our website at has more information about these efforts, including all the ways to contact us.

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