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Bulk food purchase

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Submitted by Andrew Burnett on May 17, 2021

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Bulk Food Purchase to support local children and their families
Date: 5/13/2021

£235.55 GBP

Total amount £235.55

By Andrew Burnetton

Expense created

By Claire Sheppardon

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By Accountableon

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£404.18 GBP

Fiscal Host

Expense policies


Expenses (and purchases) Policy Nunhead Knocks

All committee members, members and volunteers are entitled to be reimbursed for reasonable out of pocket expenses (and purchases) which they legitimately incur or make while promoting and supporting the delivery of Nunhead Knocks’ objectives.

This policy applies to those reimbursements. Nunhead Knocks reserves the right to change this policy to maintain consistency with current accepted best practice, or otherwise to meet its requirements.

Expenses that can be submitted for reimbursement

Expenses and purchases are likely to be either:

Approved expenses covering the operating or outreach activities of Nunhead Knocks or our projects, including communications, printing, purchasing supplies, and supplies and food for our hot meal programme.

Reimbursement of volunteer expenses buying essential food, medicine, gas or electricity credit or phone credit (see guidelines below) which are not immediately reimbursed directly by the requester.

Always claim expenses and purchases

If you incur expenses and purchases and are considering not claiming them, please do claim them and make a corresponding donation to Nunhead Knocks. Not claiming them can cause us budgeting and accounting problems, and more importantly does not enable us to know how much money has been donated to us.

Claiming expenses and purchases You must:

  • submit the claim through the Nunhead Knocks Open Collective site
  • provide photo evidence of the payment (for example a receipt) or if no evidence is available please provide a written explanation (The system requires that you upload some photo, however, so please insert something (like your profile picture or a picture of the items) as well as a placeholder to allow the claim to be accepted by the platform.
  • claim within 30 days of payment

Approval of expenses and purchases

Expenses and purchases must be authorised as follows. Evidence of the authorisation must be provided with the claim.:

  • Up to £35 - no pre-authorisation required if an urgent/time-pressured case but otherwise pre-authorised by one committee member
  • £35-£100 - pre-authorised by 2 committee members
  • £101-£500 - pre-authorised by 4 committee members
  • £500 - pre-authorised by committee vote in a minuted meeting at quorum
  • Mini-advances of up to £75 may be approved by Matching Volunteer Coordinators

Payment scenarios

We have outlined guidance for scenarios where Nunhead Knocks is asked to pay for food, either as a short term mini-advance or because an individual/family is unable to pay. There will always be scenarios outside of these examples so please ask your key contact within your relevant team if you’re unsure.

Payments from requesters who are able to pay back:

This guidance refers to requesters who are able to pay but are unable to purchase their goods themselves due to isolation etc. Generally, Nunhead Knocks expects requesters who are asking for support to pay in advance, or pay Nunhead Knocks or the volunteer back immediately (at most within 24 hours). There are several ways that people can do this.

The requester has funds and access to the internet:

  • Click and collect (if available): If the requester is able to order food online and can use click-and-collect but can’t get it delivered, this may be the best option as they will take care of payment.
  • The requester can repay the volunteer directly via or to their bank account.
  • The volunteer can also suggest the requester research options for prepaid cards/other means of managing repayment:
  • Support people to set-up pre-paid debit cards -
  • See if their bank has options for a supplementary card for people to shop for them.
  • Other options available here:

The requester does not have access to the internet, but has funds available:

  • The volunteer should as a first resort ask if a relative or friend or neighbour can help out and make the payment through or to their bank account on their behalf.
  • In a pinch, the requester may pay in cash with the following procedure: The volunteer holds out a glass jar at full arms length (preferably wearing a mask); the requester places the cash at arms length in the jar. The volunteer covers it with the lid and leaves aside for 72+ hours. If the amount requires change, we will accept the nearest amount i.e. 5.00 for 5.50 and cover this from donated funds.
  • Other options available here:

If the requester does not have access to the internet and cannot pay in other ways (e.g., set up a prepaid card or click-and-collect), Nunhead Knocks may provide a short term mini-advance for essential food and household supplies under these conditions:

  • The limit for short term mini-advances is £75 for items purchased by a Nunhead Knocks volunteer and should be approved by the Matching Volunteer Coordinators.
  • They may pay via credit/debit/pre-paid card over the phone to Nunhead Knocks.
  • If the requester pays back in full, preferably within 24 hours but maximum within 72 hours, and requires deliveries on an ongoing basis, we will continue to authorise advances provided the funds are paid back in full within 72 hours after each delivery.
  • The requester may not purchase tobacco or alcohol as they are receiving a mini-advance.
  1. The requester does not have funds at the moment:

We recognise that due to the restrictions imposed by the lockdown and job losses, and the fact that social support systems are overwhelmed and delayed, some requesters may simply not be able to pay for essential food and supplies right now. For these requesters, we will provide mini-advances for the below expenses, and ask that they repay when their finances improve. We recognise that for some individuals this may not be possible.

What we’ll cover for people who do not have access to any funds:

  • One shop per week until they have access to council funds or other social support.
  • The weekly limit is up to £35 for up to two adults with an additional £15 for each additional person in the household.
  • This monetary limit is for essential food items, essential household supplies (toilet roll, kitchen roll, cleaning, etc), pet food and personal hygiene supplies (soap, toothpaste, sanitary supplies, etc) only. It may not include drinks other than juice/squash, milk or milk alternative, or tea or coffee. No alcohol, cigarettes, or other non-essential items.
  • They may also seek support for
    • a £5 phone credit one-off addition
    • prescription costs
    • up to £20 per week for gas and/or electric top up per week

Guidance for volunteers:

  • This is a complex time and many people are struggling. If someone asks us for this support, we should avoid, as a volunteer group, attempting to means-test a requester or request evidence of the situation or that it is down to Covid-19.
  • The volunteer should also bring to the requester’s attention their options to apply for council services and other assistance to help in the long run.
  • In complicated and/or emergency cases where they feel this guidance doesn’t provide the ability to ensure the well-being of a requester, the Matching Volunteer Coordinators can make a pragmatic decision to ensure people’s well-being, and should inform the Committee.
  • Please don’t discuss the requester’s situation with others, especially on slack or other public forums. If you need advice please speak to the Matching Volunteer Champions.
  • Please be clear with the requester at the outset as to the temporary nature of the support and that they are expected to seek a long term fix.

Repayment options for volunteers:

  • For those volunteers who are on Lightning Aid, please continue to use that system while it is being trialled.
  • Other volunteers who use their own funds (following the guidelines above) should submit their receipts at the earliest opportunity on Open Collective.
  • We will endeavour to review the expense within 48 hours. Payments are processed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday by the Social Change Agency.

What volunteers should not do:

  • Make a personal loan to the person requesting help - we have the funds to cover these expenses. If you are not paid back after someone said they would pay you in Pay Pal or through some other means, please let us know.


How do I get paid from a Collective?
Submit an expense and provide your payment information.
How are expenses approved?
Collective admins are notified when an expense is submitted, and they can approve or reject it.
Is my private data made public?
No. Only the expense amount and description are public. Attachments, payment info, emails and addresses are only visible to you and the admins.
When will I get paid?
Payments are processed by the Collective's Fiscal Host, the organization that hold funds on their behalf. Many Fiscal Hosts pay expenses weekly, but each one is different.
Why do you need my legal name?
The display name is public and the legal name is private, appearing on receipts, invoices, and other official documentation used for tax and accounting purposes.

Collective balance

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