Open Collective
Open Collective
Welcome to our new donations & spending platform!
Published on April 27, 2020 by Charlie Watkinson

Hi Nunhead Knocks Family 👋

We've moved to a new donation platform, Open Collective, so that we can ensure everything we do is transparent and available to our whole community. We'll be moving our current balance over, but this might take us a little while whilst we do some boring finance admin!

This will also be where any costs you as volunteers incur when helping your community, like buying supplies or paying for shopping for those who cannot pay. Take a read of our expenses policy here.

Since Mid-March you have raised over £5k!

Thank you to each and every donor who has given their cash and time to building Nunhead Knocks and helping to support all our neighbours.

  • £5275.73 has been donated so far
  • Average donations of £42.32
  • Over 120 people have donated to our community!
  • This has helped us bring nearly 300 meals to people who need it
  • Buy food and shopping for families who need financial support at the moment
  • Get gas and electricity meters topped up
  • Deliver much needed food supplies in bulk to Westminster House Youth Club
  • Buy leaflets and posters to help spread the word (billboards and other larger promotions have been fully donated!)

As always, thank you for your continued efforts to help our community. Every contribution of time, cash and tweets makes a big difference in ensuring we can support our neighbours during this time. And remember, this is for everybody. You do not have to be at high risk to need support from your neighbours. We are all in this together.

Want to know what you can do today to help your community? Here are 12 things you can do right now.

Stay home. Stay Safe.

Love, your buddies at Nunhead Knocks!