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We're teaming up to introduce ecological farmers to Open Source tools+community


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EcoFarm is the oldest and largest sustainable farming conference in the West and brings together farmers, ranchers, and food system workers to inspire each other, and to be the change that makes a difference. EcoFarm draws 1,500+ attendees made up of 50% farmers & ranchers and 50% distributors, activists, gardeners, researchers, educators, and students.

Three days of the conference consist of workshops and keynotes with an exhibitor hall for businesses and organizations serving the agricultural community. We are proposing to host a booth space in the expo hall, shared between farmOS (Paul Weidner), OurSci (Amber Subers) and Open Food Network USA (Laurie Wayne). Collectively we plan to represent the GOAT community, too.

A booth space will help us welcome farmers to the Open Source community, do demos and hands-on experiences, talk to those interested in using or contributing to our tools, and learn about each others' tools too.

Sharing an exhibitor booth among 3 Open Source projects allows us to share cost but is also a unique way to help us stand out at the conference and demonstrate how we work together. Our projects are great fit for EcoFarm’s audience and we expect a few individual members of our broader communities will be attending.

We appreciate any financial or other help in making this happen!  Our stretch goal for all three of us is $5k which would cover travel, food, and other expenses (we are sharing accommodations), and our basic goal is $4200 which will cover exhibitor fees, accommodations and a small stipend for food and travel and allow us to minimize out-of-pocket personal expenses associated with us coming to the conference.

Any money raised beyond our stretch goal will help to fund other Open Source Ag Tech folks doing similar things at similar conferences in the future.

Open Food Network USA is a 501 (c)(3) and your contribution may be tax deductible.

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