Modal editing for the future

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Modal editing for the future

What is Oni?

Oni is a new kind of text editor - bringing together old-school modal editing and the conveniences of modern editors like VSCode and Atom. Oni is powered by Neovim, for a fully authentic Vim experience (no emulation!)

Oni is about going from thought to code as quickly as possible, with less time configuring and more time being productive.

Why support Oni?

Oni is free and open-source - MIT Licensed - but developing features and functionality takes a lot of work. We believe in sustainable open source, and Oni is dependent on your financial support to continue.

We believe in transparent accounting, and giving back to the open source projects that power Oni.

Funds will be used as follows:

  • Cover our core expenses (AWS hosting, CI subscriptions, etc)
  • Compensation for contributors and maintainers time
  • Funding for projects that Oni depends on (Neovim, npm modules, etc)

If you find Oni useful in your day-to-day work, please consider contributing and making it possible to continue development!

To learn more, check out http://onivim.io


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