Open Collective
Open Collective
We currently run around 10 #openweb sites based on the #4opens
Published on February 3, 2021 by hamishcampbell

indymedia test servers

OMN servers

A few non-user fronting servers


The total yearly running cost for servers and domains is currently around £462 a year. We try to pay small stipends for the core crew, but at the moment there is no funding for this. The reserves we hold will keep the servers online for the next 3-4 years if we do not expand usage.

We would like £500 a year to cover basic running costs and expand this to build up the "cushion" for sudden spikes in users. The medium term idea is that the services are spun out to be self-supporting community lead projects so the running costs of the #OMN will always be low.

The #OMN remains small as a "tech" incubator and standards group. To support this would like to restart basic stipends for core crew to cover expenses, token amounts from £10 to 50 a month if the money becomes available. We will apply for one off grants to help cover this and new projects. Please come onboard and help to make this happen.