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February 2021 Progress on :focus-visible in WebKit
Published on March 2, 2021 by Igalia

As reported at the beginning of February, given available funding, Manuel Rego began work in January on an implementation of ``:focus-visible` in WebKit, the project chosen by many in our Open Prioritization experiment.

Open Prioritization, if you are not familiar already, is an experiment in opening new doors toward diversifying the investment in the commons of web browsers and web standards, as well as toward providing insight into prioritization challenges and what the concrete work that goes into implementations once prioritized actually looks like.

With each of our clients, we provide some kind of reporting on the work that was done with their investment. Open Prioritization is different only in that the investment comes from many, so we’ve also been providing monthly updates, the first report was provided at the beginning of Februrary and now we’re happy to provide a second at the beginning of March.

In the process so far, a quick summary of patches completed:

  • 20 PRs merged in WPT (7 in February).
  • 14 patches landed in WebKit (9 in February).
  • 7 patches landed in Chromium (3 in February).
  • 1 PR merged in Selectors spec (1 in February).
  • 1 PR merged in HTML spec (1 in February).

If you are curious and would like more insight into the work, Manuel Rego has provided a full and public report blog post.

As of this writing we have raised 84% of our funding goal, 4% of this is since our last update. As you can see, the work has been substantial and funding helps make sure that we can be successful. We believe that this work is important for helping to foster a healhier ecosystem, a topic which we chatted about on our recent podcast. If you or your organization believe this work is important and would like to see us carry on with more, please consider helping sponsor the work and helping us close the gap toward reaching our funding goal.