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:focus-visible in WebKit

Funding the implementation priority for :focus-visible in WebKit

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:focus-visible in Safari Technology Preview 125

We have been providing reguar monthly updates on our work on :focus-visible in WebKit via social media. This has been an interesting and exiting experiment in how we develop and priotitize the commons together that we hope to continue. The...
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Published on June 7, 2021 by Igalia

February 2021 Progress on :focus-visible in WebKit

As reported at the beginning of February, given available funding, Manuel Rego began work in January on an implementation of ``:focus-visible` in WebKit, the project chosen by many in our Open Prioritization experiment. Open Prioritization,...
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Published on March 2, 2021 by Igalia

January 2021 Progress on :focus-visible in WebKit

As promised, Igalia has begun work on :focus-visible in WebKit, the project chosen by many in our Open Prioritization experiment, as funds became available. Manuel Rego began work in January. Open Prioritization aims to not only provide ins...
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Published on February 1, 2021 by Igalia


The web, and the software that helps us realize standards are a commons.  However, developing these standards to the point where they are truly standard and fully implemented and interoperable historically relies on investments being made independently from a comparatively small number of companies where we all ultimately pay very indirectly and have little practical  ability to affect the practical management of resources or priorities.

Open Prioritization is an effort to allow a more direct way for all of us to collectively to help shape and support the development of commons, guarantee that important things are getting attention or just expedite full alignment in a more predictable way.  A practical upshot of this is increased diversification of the funding of this commons.